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Case Results

Car Accident Resulting in Death

Case went to trial in Jackson County Circuit Court and settled on the second day of trial. It was a confidential settlement. The case was twice featured in full-length articles in Missouri Lawyers Weekly. McMullen, et al. v. MVPD, Inc. d/b/a No Place Restaurant and Night Club, Case No. 02CV222494.

Workplace Assembly Line Injury

Claimant worked for manufacturing company and sustained injury resulting in carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, ulnar nerve release, and psychological injuries. Case went to trial and life-time permanent total disability benefits were awarded to the injured worker.

Car Accident

Car accident in parking lot took place resulting in herniated disc and low back injuries to client who was a driver of one of the vehicles. $200,000 settlement was reached.

Car Accident Resulting in Back Surgery

Client was struck by another car. Injuries primarily involved herniated discs in low back and concussion. Client underwent surgery involving fusion. Settlement of $575,000.

Car Accident in Johnson County, Kansas

Client was a driver of a vehicle that was rear-ended. Injuries to shoulder involved impingement syndrome, along with soft tissue injuries to neck and back. $100,000 policy limit settlement was reached.

Workplace Fall

Client fell from slow moving vehicle and injured shoulder. Employer denied claim based on a medical causation argument and case proceeded to trial. Injured worker suffered torn rotator cuff for which he had surgery. Award of over $95,000 was made.

Slip and Fall Accident

Client slipped and fell on defective steps while a customer at a retailer. Low back soft tissue injuries, broken arm, and torn rotator cuff were sustained. $175,000 settlement was obtained.

Car Accident Involving Low Impact Collision and Soft Tissue Injuries

Client was rear-ended by other car. Medical expenses of just over $3,000 were incurred with damage to vehicle that was paid by insurance company. Case went to trial where jury awarded $25,000. Tiffany Bernhardy v. Janet Van Zandt, case No. 02CV214495.

Workplace Slip and Fall

Disputed workers’ compensation case went to trial where claimant/client was awarded money for permanent partial disability, unpaid medical expenses, and unpaid temporary total disability. Award of over $75,000 was made.

Workplace Injury Resulting in permanent total disability award against Missouri Second Injury Fund

Client was injured while lifting a liquid oxygen reservoir out of a truck and fell down. Herniated discs in low back were sustained, along with lumbar pain and radiculopathy. Aggravation of preexisting lumbar condition was also present. Claimant was awarded life-time permanent total disability benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Repetitive Use

Client worked over a substantial period of time doing work that involved repetitive use of her hands and arms working on machines, dumping parts, raking parts, and running a number of different machines. Claimant sustained work injury to her right and left arms. She was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and eventually we were able to obtain authorized treatment, including surgery for that problem. Case settled for $70,000.

Workplace Truck Accident

Truck driver struck cows that had wandered onto the road. Client’s injuries were essentially to his cervical and thoracic regions. Workers’ compensation doctor rated claimant at only permanent disability of 5% of the body as a whole. Claimant was diagnosed him as having chronic cervical strain with multiple level disc protrusions, muscle tension headaches, chronic thoracic strain, and lumbar strain. Workers’ compensation case settled for $50,000; personal injury case settled for $150,000.

Motorcycle Accident

Client was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by a car. Injuries primarily involved knee. Surgeries on both knees were performed. Prior knee injuries had resulted in workers’ compensation claims. $250,000 settlement.

Workplace Lifting Injury

Client sustained back injuries involving herniated discs that resulted in surgery. Case proceeded to trial where claimant was awarded permanent partial disability, unpaid temporary total disability, and additional medical care. Award of over $100,000.

Workplace Assembly Line Accident

Client was injured while doing routine duties. Carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and shoulder injuries. Case proceeded to trial where award for permanent partial disability, unpaid temporary total disability, and lifetime medical treatment was made. Case was affirmed on appeal to Labor and Industrial Relations Commission. Award value of over $100,000.

Workplace Slip and Fall

Client slipped and fell at work while carrying objects. Arthroscopy on knee and surgery on wrist was performed. Client returned to same full-time job. Settlement of $46,000.

Workers’ Compensation Truck Accident

Represented client/claimant in workers’ compensation case involving alleged idiopathic injury. Authorized treatment and compensability had been denied by employer and insurance company. Claimant lost at trial, but decision was reversed on appeal. Case later settled. Taylor v. Contract Freighters, Inc., 315 S.W.3d 379 (Mo. App. 2010).

Car Accident

Client was passenger in a vehicle which struck other car. Fault was at issue, including possible intoxication of driver of vehicle in which plaintiff rode. Injuries involved low back and neck. Settlement of $90,000.

Car Accident with mostly chiropractic treatment

Client was struck by another car when involved in a turn. Soft tissue injuries for medical treatment involved overwhelmingly chiropractic treatment. Injuries to neck, back, arms and legs. The diagnoses were arm pain, neck strain, back strain, and contusion of the forearm. Manipulation and ordinary chiropractic treatment was administered. $45,000 settlement.