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Fatal Accidents Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

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Have you lost a loved one in a car accident? Has a family member died in a medical procedure gone wrong? If you have had someone taken from you due to the negligence of another, you are certainly going through a very traumatic time and you deserve the opportunity to achieve closure by whatever means are right for you.

One option is to pursue a legal claim against the responsible party. Attorney John Christiansen has extensive experience bringing wrongful death and survivor claims throughout the Kansas City metro area. For more than 25 years, John has helped clients understand their legal options and seek a fair result.

Don't hesitate to contact John at his office in Westport or Blue Springs to schedule a free initial consultation. If you decide to pursue a claim, you will owe no attorney's fees unless you eventually obtain financial compensation.

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Understanding the Applicable State Laws

Wrongful death is a unique area of law, closely related to personal injury law, that allows the family of a person who has been killed in an accident to pursue compensation for the harm they have suffered, including the loss of financial support and the loss of personal companionship.

If you have lost an immediate family member in an accident caused by someone else's negligence, such as a trucking accident or a preventable medical error, you may have a valid wrongful death claim against that person or business.

Additionally, in some cases, it is possible to bring what is known as a survivor action. This action seeks compensation for any suffering the deceased person may have experienced after the accident and prior to death. A survivor's action may be another way to pursue a legal claim against the responsible party.

Using the Law to Help You Find Closure and Financial Stability

Obviously, no legal action and no financial compensation can bring back a loved one who has been taken from you in an accident. However, filing a wrongful death suit can be a means of holding the responsible party or parties accountable, and the legal process may also help you get answers to your questions about the circumstances of the accident.

In many cases, the deceased person has been a major provider for his or her family, and the money damages awarded in a wrongful death case can give the family the opportunity to cope with their loss without excessive financial pressures.

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Mr. Christiansen is an experienced personal injury lawyer who is admitted to the bar in both Missouri and Kansas. To talk about your options after a family member's accidental death, contact the Law Office Of John Adams Christiansen, LC online.