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Traffic Tickets & Municipal Court Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Traffic violations can really cause you trouble, especially if you do not get them taken care of right away. Paying a traffic ticket can often cause you to incur higher insurance rates and may cause your license to be suspended. In Missouri, if a person gets eight points in an eighteen month time period, they may be suspended for 30 days on a first suspension, and 60 and 90 days for multiple suspensions. 12 points in a 12 month time period will result in a year revocation.  

At the Law Office Of John Adams Christiansen, L.C. we can handle your traffic or municipal court case such that in many cases you can avoid any points on your license and preserve your driving privileges. John A. Christiansen has handled countless traffic and municipal court cases all over the Kansas City metropolitan area for over 25 years. Call us at (816) 416-7070 to discuss and to schedule an appointment. 

For many tickets in most courts, a prosecutor will not deal with someone that is not represented by an attorney. This is due to the threat of litigation. You, as a non-lawyer, are not viewed as a threat in court. With an attorney there is the threat of litigation where the prosecutor could lose the case and have to spend additional time taking it to trial. In this situation, there is far more likelihood of a plea bargain or dismissal on your case.  

Traffic law can be a highly specialized area of law and many people have no idea about how a ticket or plea might affect your driving record, but also how it might impact your driving privileges, insurance rates, your job, your ability to drive, under what circumstances you may drive, your student loan, your ability to stay in this country, your ability to work in certain professions. Sometimes, a mistake you made to pay a traffic ticket can be fixed or amended later, but do not count on this. Generally, the best course of action is to hire a lawyer and have it amended. Often, if you have a lawyer, you can avoid having to go to court at all, and more importantly there are situations where hiring a lawyer is the difference of being free and staying out of jail. Whether or not your insurance will go up due to having paid a ticket will depend on the policy and insurance company, but generally speaking your insurance will increase if you pay a moving violation ticket. Suspensions not only cause you hassle, but they may also cause your insurance rates to increase significantly for a long period of time. For a proper handling of your traffic ticket or other municipal court violation, please call the Law Office Of John Adams Christiansen, L.C. at (816) 416-7070.