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Representing a Diverse Range of Injured Workers

At the Law Office of John Adams Christiansen, L.C., we protect the rights and interests of injured workers. The firm has helped many employees pursue fair compensation for their work-related injuries.

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Investing in An Attorney Can Be a Wise Decision

After a work-related injury, many employees wonder whether they need to retain a workers' compensation attorney to help them protect their interests, or if they can handle the claim on their own.

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Workers' Compensation Do's and Don'ts to Remember

At the Law Office of John Adams Christiansen, L.C., we understand that the workers' compensation process can be complex. It may be difficult to know how to take the next step — or what pitfalls to avoid when you are filing a claim.

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Missouri Workers’ Compensation

An injured worker should first report their injury to the employer (see notice requirements below) and request medical treatment be provided for it. Keep a record and copy of the notice of injury as well documentation on your initial medical treatment. Make sure to explain to any and all health care providers that your injury is work-related and specify how you were injured or believe you were injured. Your condition may be one where the medical causation is an issue requiring the opinion of a physician to support it in order for you to get medical treatment voluntarily provided by the employer and/or its' workers' compensation insurance company early on. Your employer is required to provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment to cure and relieve you of the work injures. Your employer has the power to choose the healthcare provider. Any bills you receive should be presented to your employer/workers' compensation insurance company. It is the requirement of the employer to file a Report of Accident with the Division of Workers' Compensation. It is the responsibility of the injured worker (or your attorney) to file a Claim for Compensation with the Division of Workers' Compensation.

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